Summer Bucket List!

Today is the first day of Summer!  Wooh!  Hurray!  Woop-dee-do!  It felt more like Fall this morning as I checked the gardens in a hoodie and jeans in 60°F degree weather.  But don't worry!  It's supposed to get high of 77°F today!  (Welcome to Michigan..) Now that it's officially summer, and my boyfriend and I … Continue reading Summer Bucket List!

Weekend trip to lake Michigan

My boyfriend and I now go on drives every weekend around our little circle of towns.  Yesterday for our drive, we decided to go a little further out and visit someplace neither of us have been in a long time.  Lake Michigan in the winter time! I've got to admit, the long drive didn't seem … Continue reading Weekend trip to lake Michigan

More about me:

I was born and raised in Michigan, but haven't been here all my life.  As a kid, my family had a huge garden, two cows, a goat, plenty of deer in our yard, lots of trees to climb, and a garage my parents (and their friends) built themselves.  We were so happy on that property, … Continue reading More about me: