Seeds are up (part 3)

So a few more seeds have popped up since the last time I wrote a seed update..   My peppers (left) that I talked about last time are still doing great!  I've got 19 of those up now!  My cucumber seeds (right) sprouted up just last weekend and are growing at an alarming rate!  I've … Continue reading Seeds are up (part 3)


Spring has not sprung..

Well, it's officially the first day of spring..  The day we've all been waiting for.  And I'm desperately clinging onto the hope that today is not a representation of how this spring is going to go.. I had everything all planned out.  When to start seeds and what seeds for later transplanting were on their … Continue reading Spring has not sprung..

Three days of snow, two bowls of stew, and a possum in a Christmas tree..

So, I couldn't help but take pictures when the first snow hit last Wednesday and brag about how beautiful this place is when under a thin blanket of snow.  It only lasted a day before the sun came out to melt it.  Not to worry though, it snowed again, only to be melted again.  And … Continue reading Three days of snow, two bowls of stew, and a possum in a Christmas tree..

Seed saving 101

As the first frost last month took my flowers in my cut garden away, and the flowers I had picked that were inside started to die off, my grandmother seen my dying flowers and told me that it was time to collect seeds.  Something I knew NOTHING about!  I have heard and read about people … Continue reading Seed saving 101