My Pinterest..

Pinterest, is like my own personal assistant.  Weather I'm planning my garden, looking for new projects to do, or just want to look up Harry Potter stuff, Pinterest is the best place to do so! I have many boreds, some for homesteading, some for the more geeky side of me.  I've found most of my … Continue reading My Pinterest..

A day for blogging.

Today of all day, is to chilly and wet for outside work, and I'm way to active for a rest day.  So I've made today a blogging day!  Not for me to blog(although I guess I am blogging about it), but for me to catch up on all the blogs I'm subscribed to / subscribed … Continue reading A day for blogging.

A letter to my future children..

Just recently, my best friend from the south posted something so inspiring, that I had to show it on here in hopes that it'll inspire you all as well..   ** At the moment I'm working on an autobiography for my creative writing class. Today's prompt involved writing a letter to my future child(ren) telling … Continue reading A letter to my future children..

How things are going..

Yikes, I realize I've been so busy that I haven't had time to write any blog posts the past two weeks!  So, here is what I've been dealing with while I've, 'been away'..   Halloween decorations got out up! I realize that most people don't put their Halloween decorations up this early, but I'm one … Continue reading How things are going..