100th Blog Post!!! (And A Blogmas Announcement!)

Today, I am posting my 100th Blog Post for Farm Girl Homesteading!    I'm an so honored to be able to celebrate my 100th Blog Post with y'all!  In honor of my 100th Blog Post, I'm going to be taking a look back at some of my favorite posts I've done in the past year … Continue reading 100th Blog Post!!! (And A Blogmas Announcement!)

Memorial Day Parade:

Monday was memorial day, the day we celebrate our fallen soldiers and remember those who were lost while serving our country.  A day most people respectively honor.  (Before going right back to not liking our Military the moment it's over.) Monday for Memorial day, my boyfriend was in a Memorial Day parade, and I went … Continue reading Memorial Day Parade:

Month of a Military Child (BRAT)

As I was checking Facebook last night, this adorable (and true) picture popped up in my memories.  April is the Month of a Military Child, and I am proud to say I am one of them.  (Get your tissues ready military families, I'm about to get deep..) True, I may not be a 'child' anymore (three … Continue reading Month of a Military Child (BRAT)

2 year anniversary!!!

Exactly two years and one day ago, my family landed back in the good old USA after spending 3 years in Germany because of the Military.  The 9 hour flight was terrible with bad turbulence!  But despite that, it was good to be home. When we landed in America, there was a crowd of people … Continue reading 2 year anniversary!!!

5 things I’m thankful for this year!

With thanksgiving just two days away, I decided to do a post about thankfulness.  My lovely mother always made my brother and I write out a list of things or people we were thankful for from November first to thanksgiving.  Something my brother and I thought of as a nightmare in homeschooling, we despised the … Continue reading 5 things I’m thankful for this year!

5 things the military taught my family and I

When my family and I were in the military, I couldn't wait to get out and go back home to our small town.  I resented the military for so many things; my dad missing birthdays and Christmases, moving every three years, making me make new friends every 1-2 years, not allowing me to know my family back … Continue reading 5 things the military taught my family and I

A letter to my future children..

Just recently, my best friend from the south posted something so inspiring, that I had to show it on here in hopes that it'll inspire you all as well..   ** At the moment I'm working on an autobiography for my creative writing class. Today's prompt involved writing a letter to my future child(ren) telling … Continue reading A letter to my future children..