50 Reasons to ‘Fall’ in love with Fall..

It's finally Fall time!  Here are 50 reasons to fall in love with Fall!  (Because now it's an appropriate time to actually like this stuff!)     1. Pumpkin EVERYTHING! 2. You get to rake leaves!  And then jump in them! (You're NEVER too old for that!) 3. Corn mazes are the funnest thing to … Continue reading 50 Reasons to ‘Fall’ in love with Fall..

Summer Bucket List!

Today is the first day of Summer!  Wooh!  Hurray!  Woop-dee-do!  It felt more like Fall this morning as I checked the gardens in a hoodie and jeans in 60°F degree weather.  But don't worry!  It's supposed to get high of 77°F today!  (Welcome to Michigan..) Now that it's officially summer, and my boyfriend and I … Continue reading Summer Bucket List!