What I learned the first week of college..

I learned a LOT about my teachers.. I learned that not every class is going to be fun. I learned that not every teacher is going to be nice. (Not with my teachers, they're great!  But a friends teacher..) I learned why the college allows you to switch or drop classes 1-2 weeks into the … Continue reading What I learned the first week of college..

College, Facebook, and Gardens. Oh my!

Wow, what a long week it's been...  It's day two of June, and I can't believe May is over already!  So, let me tell you what I've been up to this past month.. First of all, my parents came back into town for a week.  Yay!  It was nice seeing them, but every time they … Continue reading College, Facebook, and Gardens. Oh my!

5 things I’m thankful for this year!

With thanksgiving just two days away, I decided to do a post about thankfulness.  My lovely mother always made my brother and I write out a list of things or people we were thankful for from November first to thanksgiving.  Something my brother and I thought of as a nightmare in homeschooling, we despised the … Continue reading 5 things I’m thankful for this year!

Three cats VS one mouse

So the other night before bed, I watched a mouse run into my room right past my feet.  A normal sight here.  The cats love to bring mice up from the basement and let them loose as a game of, well, cat and mouse.. So in my room the mouse went..  I brought the big … Continue reading Three cats VS one mouse

Seed saving 101

As the first frost last month took my flowers in my cut garden away, and the flowers I had picked that were inside started to die off, my grandmother seen my dying flowers and told me that it was time to collect seeds.  Something I knew NOTHING about!  I have heard and read about people … Continue reading Seed saving 101

My Pinterest..

Pinterest, is like my own personal assistant.  Weather I'm planning my garden, looking for new projects to do, or just want to look up Harry Potter stuff, Pinterest is the best place to do so! I have many boreds, some for homesteading, some for the more geeky side of me.  I've found most of my … Continue reading My Pinterest..

A day for blogging.

Today of all day, is to chilly and wet for outside work, and I'm way to active for a rest day.  So I've made today a blogging day!  Not for me to blog(although I guess I am blogging about it), but for me to catch up on all the blogs I'm subscribed to / subscribed … Continue reading A day for blogging.