Seeds are up (part 3)

So a few more seeds have popped up since the last time I wrote a seed update..   My peppers (left) that I talked about last time are still doing great!  I've got 19 of those up now!  My cucumber seeds (right) sprouted up just last weekend and are growing at an alarming rate!  I've … Continue reading Seeds are up (part 3)

Seeds are up!

Finally, signs of life are beginning to pop up in my seed starting room!  I'll be honest, I didn't think my little zinnias were going to pop up at all..  It seems like every other time I would go in to check on my seeds, there would be some fricken cats paw prints running through … Continue reading Seeds are up!

Seed starting and seed experimentations

So I decided to do something risky this year with my gardens..  So many new things are being tried and tested this year, and one of those things is using nothing but seeds to start everything with! No buying already grown transplants at the local store, no letting my grandmother buy flowers to transplant into … Continue reading Seed starting and seed experimentations

Spring has not sprung..

Well, it's officially the first day of spring..  The day we've all been waiting for.  And I'm desperately clinging onto the hope that today is not a representation of how this spring is going to go.. I had everything all planned out.  When to start seeds and what seeds for later transplanting were on their … Continue reading Spring has not sprung..

You know you’re a homesteader when:

You know you're a homesteader when:     You have more work clothes than dress clothes ~ You're more excited about seed catalogs than current event magazines ~ You'd rather be doing yard work than sitting inside all day  ~ ANIMALS decide how early you get up ~ 30 minutes to the nearest store is … Continue reading You know you’re a homesteader when:

What to do with leftover yarn cuttings:

You know when you're working with yarn, how you always end up with those little clippings here and there that you cut off from your projects?  Or when you've got a small ball of yarn that you can't use to make anything with, because it's the size of a golf ball and what on earth … Continue reading What to do with leftover yarn cuttings:

2 year anniversary!!!

Exactly two years and one day ago, my family landed back in the good old USA after spending 3 years in Germany because of the Military.  The 9 hour flight was terrible with bad turbulence!  But despite that, it was good to be home. When we landed in America, there was a crowd of people … Continue reading 2 year anniversary!!!