My crazy February

Well, the 'new year new me' motto has REALLY been taken for a test drive this month as I embark on a new and unfamiliar world..  Dating.  The month started out with a trip to one of our many ice festivals around here, where I got to watch frozen people with chainsaws carve ice into … Continue reading My crazy February

Greenhouse; A working project (Part Three)

Frame fixed, check. Frame secured, check! Tent on?  Check! Finally, the tent has been patched, pulled over the frame, and secured to the ground!  I HAVE A GREENHOUSE! I used cinder blocks to strap the tent to the ground, and then cut some logs to run across the bottom of the greenhouse to keep the … Continue reading Greenhouse; A working project (Part Three)

Greenhouse; A working project (Part 2)

After the fiasco of the wind blowing my poor greenhouse away in the spring, I wasn't taking ANY chances!  This thing was going to stay weather it liked it or not! After getting the frame up, I needed a way to make it STAY!   I decided on cinder blocks again, only this time, underground. It … Continue reading Greenhouse; A working project (Part 2)

Greenhouse; a working project.

Back in April, my amazing parents and grandparents put their heads (and their wallets) together to get me an amazing and huge greenhouse!  I was ecstatic!  There was still frost on the ground, but my father, brother, mother and I all went outside on my Birthday, and put it together.  I loved everything about the … Continue reading Greenhouse; a working project.