4 Hot Cocoa Recipes to get you ready for Winter!

It's almost 'officially' winter!!!  Hello big fuzzy coats, hello scarves and boots, hello free time from gardening, and hello colder weather that's going to make me freeze my toes off! I don't know about you, but I can't wait until winter!  (Well, okay, it has to at least wait another week until college is over..!)  … Continue reading 4 Hot Cocoa Recipes to get you ready for Winter!

What college students are looking forward to during winter break:

Winter Break is almost here!   So, with winter break right around the corner, I decided to go around today and ask a few people around college what they were most excited to do once this semester was over.  Some answers were predictable.  Others, were quite surprising. Here are just a few things that the … Continue reading What college students are looking forward to during winter break:

How is college going..?

   "College tries to cram into your head in three months, what high school tried to do in twelve years."   This is a quote from a very smart lady at my college.  And it's true!  College classes are very good at getting a lot of information into your head in a very short time … Continue reading How is college going..?

What I’m Thankful For (2019)

This year, I'm a little late with writing my 'What I'm Thankful For' post, but I'm determined to write one all the same!  So without further ado, the five most important things that I'm thankful for this year!   Friends! I'm so thankful for friends this year.  Old, new, and future friends combined.  My friends … Continue reading What I’m Thankful For (2019)

Matthew Grice: The Man Behind MDG Outdoors.

  (This is a sponsored post.  However, this is also my honest opinion on a YouTube page that I truly think that more people should check out.  I do not own any of these pictures, but I do have full permission from MDG Outdoors to post everything I wrote about in this blog post.)   … Continue reading Matthew Grice: The Man Behind MDG Outdoors.

Halloween 2019

Halloween this year was..  Different.  Strange.  Fun!  There was no passing out candy, there was no scaring kids (at least, not me scaring kids), and there was lots of friends! This was my brother and I's first Halloween at college, and we had decided to go to the big Halloween Party that the college put on … Continue reading Halloween 2019

Fall Walk Down Main Street

The other day after a hard day of college, my brother and I drove into town to pick up some stuff from the store.  While we were there, I convinced my brother to walk around with me to take pictures of all of the scarecrows I had seen around town all month.  To my dismay, … Continue reading Fall Walk Down Main Street