Greenhouse; A working project (Part 2)

After the fiasco of the wind blowing my poor greenhouse away in the spring, I wasn't taking ANY chances!  This thing was going to stay weather it liked it or not! After getting the frame up, I needed a way to make it STAY!   I decided on cinder blocks again, only this time, underground. It … Continue reading Greenhouse; A working project (Part 2)


Homestead helpers

(I am in no way sponsoring these products, I just happen to LOVE using these things..)   This past weekend, I've been updating my homesteading binder, and was happy at all the new things I've added this year to the property.  Three things in particular, that have made all the difference this year with yard … Continue reading Homestead helpers

My Pinterest..

Pinterest, is like my own personal assistant.  Weather I'm planning my garden, looking for new projects to do, or just want to look up Harry Potter stuff, Pinterest is the best place to do so! I have many boreds, some for homesteading, some for the more geeky side of me.  I've found most of my … Continue reading My Pinterest..

Greenhouse; a working project.

Back in April, my amazing parents and grandparents put their heads (and their wallets) together to get me an amazing and huge greenhouse!  I was ecstatic!  There was still frost on the ground, but my father, brother, mother and I all went outside on my Birthday, and put it together.  I loved everything about the … Continue reading Greenhouse; a working project.

Mold on my zucchini plant (and how I got rid of it!)

So the other day while watering, I was listening to a gardening podcast (just like I do almost every morning while gardening), when I heard something that was very interesting..  These northern homesteaders were talking about a common problem they have with white mold in their zucchini plants. Well it just so happens that, last … Continue reading Mold on my zucchini plant (and how I got rid of it!)

Homestead VS Farm

When I think of a farm, I think acres upon acres of corn and big tractors and bales of hay. When I think of homesteading, I think of chickens, veggie gardens, greenhouses, and living off the land. But what truly is the difference between them? After constant searching on Google and YouTube to find the difference … Continue reading Homestead VS Farm