What I’m Thankful For (2019)

This year, I'm a little late with writing my 'What I'm Thankful For' post, but I'm determined to write one all the same!  So without further ado, the five most important things that I'm thankful for this year!   Friends! I'm so thankful for friends this year.  Old, new, and future friends combined.  My friends … Continue reading What I’m Thankful For (2019)

Market Bags; A new obsession!

So I was browsing Pinterest the other day (as one does when they have about a hundred other things to do), and I found a bunch cute crocheted bags that were made for Farmers Markets.  You know the ones, those loosely crocheted bags that expand with the more you put in it.  So, of course … Continue reading Market Bags; A new obsession!

College, Facebook, and Gardens. Oh my!

Wow, what a long week it's been...  It's day two of June, and I can't believe May is over already!  So, let me tell you what I've been up to this past month.. First of all, my parents came back into town for a week.  Yay!  It was nice seeing them, but every time they … Continue reading College, Facebook, and Gardens. Oh my!

Changes on the way..

Where to start.. This month has been, stressful..  First, I got my first set of plants in the ground!  Yippy!...  And then the second they are in the ground the weather decided to dip down into the low forties and high fifties.  Boo!  Needless to say, my plants haven't been doing the best outside right … Continue reading Changes on the way..