Garden Update

The sunflowers in the cut flower garden are looking GREAT!  So great in fact that I actually made two bouquets out of them and took them up to my college!  I gave one of them to my student adviser (for all of the hard work she's done for my brother and I), and then I … Continue reading Garden Update

Garden Update

The gardens are looking GREAT here on the Homestead as the Summer heat kicks things up a notch around here.  We've had 90 degrees and slightly muggy here, making it harder to get out and get stuff done.  On the plus side though, it's been so rainy that I haven't had to go out and … Continue reading Garden Update

Seed saving 101

As the first frost last month took my flowers in my cut garden away, and the flowers I had picked that were inside started to die off, my grandmother seen my dying flowers and told me that it was time to collect seeds.  Something I knew NOTHING about!  I have heard and read about people … Continue reading Seed saving 101

What is a ‘Cut Garden’?

Last year I had no idea what a cut garden was and hadn't thought of adding it to my property.  A friend of mine down south and I constantly talk about what to add to the property.  One day, she brought up the idea of having a flower garden for flowers you cut and make a … Continue reading What is a ‘Cut Garden’?