Market Bags; A new obsession!

So I was browsing Pinterest the other day (as one does when they have about a hundred other things to do), and I found a bunch cute crocheted bags that were made for Farmers Markets.  You know the ones, those loosely crocheted bags that expand with the more you put in it.  So, of course … Continue reading Market Bags; A new obsession!

What to do with leftover yarn cuttings:

You know when you're working with yarn, how you always end up with those little clippings here and there that you cut off from your projects?  Or when you've got a small ball of yarn that you can't use to make anything with, because it's the size of a golf ball and what on earth … Continue reading What to do with leftover yarn cuttings:

Homemade Christmas Presents

It's never to early for starting on Christmas presents.  I'm fact, I'm almost out of time with Christmas presents!  When you have to make almost everyone's Christmas presents, AND ship them to family who aren't close, getting them early is key!   I've only got two store bought presents this year for my family; A … Continue reading Homemade Christmas Presents

5 things I’m thankful for this year!

With thanksgiving just two days away, I decided to do a post about thankfulness.  My lovely mother always made my brother and I write out a list of things or people we were thankful for from November first to thanksgiving.  Something my brother and I thought of as a nightmare in homeschooling, we despised the … Continue reading 5 things I’m thankful for this year!

My Pinterest..

Pinterest, is like my own personal assistant.  Weather I'm planning my garden, looking for new projects to do, or just want to look up Harry Potter stuff, Pinterest is the best place to do so! I have many boreds, some for homesteading, some for the more geeky side of me.  I've found most of my … Continue reading My Pinterest..

What a weekend!

Sigh, it's been a looooooooong weekend!..   Friday:     The first day went great!  I had a lot of unexpected friends who came to visit me, and some family came there to hang out with me for a few minutes at a time.  There were a lot of nice people from the festival that … Continue reading What a weekend!

Getting ready for the fishing festival..

For for those of you who have not read my 'The crafts I make and will soon sell' blog post, I am setting up my first ever craft booth with up at the local fishing festival.  And I'm terrified! Something that only a small handful off my family and close friends know about me is, … Continue reading Getting ready for the fishing festival..