Seeds are up (part 3)

So a few more seeds have popped up since the last time I wrote a seed update..   My peppers (left) that I talked about last time are still doing great!  I've got 19 of those up now!  My cucumber seeds (right) sprouted up just last weekend and are growing at an alarming rate!  I've … Continue reading Seeds are up (part 3)


The Easter Cat Surprise..

Happy late Easter everyone!  I hope you ALL enjoyed your Easter this year (I know I did)!  I spent the first half of my Easter working in the yard and in my gardens getting it ready for planting.  The second half of Easter was spent with my boyfriend's family, watching little kids 'find' eggs and … Continue reading The Easter Cat Surprise..

Tackle box candy surprise

Easter is tomorrow, and with that comes Easter baskets..  Let me start by saying that I was totally caught off guard when I received an Easter basket from 'The Easter Bunny' a week early.  A lovely basket full of coloring books, flower seeds, wind chimes, candy, and a lot of cool extra things.  (I'd take … Continue reading Tackle box candy surprise

Seeds are up! (Part 2)

The seed planting and growing continues inside, as the temperatures outside stay around freezing.  (It snowed the other day!) One of the plants I worried about most over this frigid spring has been my peppers, which I've been told needed a hotpad (by both people and books) to get the seeds to grow.  I've had … Continue reading Seeds are up! (Part 2)

21st Birthday and meeting the parents.

Part two of my crazy week; My 21st Birthday and my boyfriend meeting my parents.. Let me start by saying, I've never been a fan of my birthday..  My father joined the military in the spring time, which meant that moving to the new Military Bases usually happened right before, right after, or during my … Continue reading 21st Birthday and meeting the parents.

Getting my drivers permit..

So, part one of my crazy week; getting my permit..!  For someone like me who has anxiety, just the thought that I was going to have to get my permit while my parents were back was nerve wracking enough. So, I'm 21 and still don't have my drivers license..  Why? I got to watch my … Continue reading Getting my drivers permit..

If the boots fit..

This has been a busy week..!  My family came into town this week and I spent most of the week over at my parents house helping them clean up their property.  When I wasn't at my parents property helping them (and getting all dirty), I was out with my boyfriend, or running errands that needed … Continue reading If the boots fit..