Three cats VS one mouse

So the other night before bed, I watched a mouse run into my room right past my feet.  A normal sight here.  The cats love to bring mice up from the basement and let them loose as a game of, well, cat and mouse.. So in my room the mouse went..  I brought the big … Continue reading Three cats VS one mouse


Seed saving 101

As the first frost last month took my flowers in my cut garden away, and the flowers I had picked that were inside started to die off, my grandmother seen my dying flowers and told me that it was time to collect seeds.  Something I knew NOTHING about!  I have heard and read about people … Continue reading Seed saving 101

Greenhouse; A working project (Part Three)

Frame fixed, check. Frame secured, check! Tent on?  Check! Finally, the tent has been patched, pulled over the frame, and secured to the ground!  I HAVE A GREENHOUSE! I used cinder blocks to strap the tent to the ground, and then cut some logs to run across the bottom of the greenhouse to keep the … Continue reading Greenhouse; A working project (Part Three)

Ways to keep warm (when the furnace goes out)

To save money, we weren't planning on turning out furnace on until November first.  As the nights grew steadily colder, and the house became increasingly cold (at one point the thermostat said 40° inside!), we broke down and decided it was best to turn the furnace on.  Only trouble was, it wasn't turning on! So, after … Continue reading Ways to keep warm (when the furnace goes out)